'the Florence Studio Set' With Laura Thompson

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Artist Laura Thompson has selected a bundle of her favourite go to brushes for both her students and any other painter who likes the style of her work. This is the easy way to purchase a set of brushes as used in her Atelier in Florence, Italy.

"Our students love Rosemary Brushes! Learn the secrets of the Old Masters in Florence, Italy. Enjoy classical sculpting and painting lessons at our beautiful studio in the historic centre of Florence. All ages and levels of experience are welcome. We offer flexible scheduling to suit your chosen dates and length of study. Please visit the teaching page on our website  www.theflorencestudio.com and create an art holiday to remember!" -Laura Thompson March 2016

Visit the Florence Studio Website.

This set contains 11 brushes (all on Long Handles):

Ivory Long Flat 'Curved Edge' 1 8
Ivory Long Flats 2 4
Ivory Long Flats 2 3
Ivory Long Flats 2 2
Ivory Long Flats 1 0
Red Dot Designer  1 2
Series 3077. Hog Domed Round 1 10
Series 310. Golden Synthetic Angular Liner 'Side Loader' 1 3/8"

Ivory Long Flat 'Curved Edge' 8 15.6 26.7
Ivory Long Flats 4 9.7 20.6
Ivory Long Flats 3 7.5 17.6
Ivory Long Flats 2 6.0 15.5
Ivory Long Flats 0 3.5 10.8
Red Dot Designer 2 2.2 15.3
Series 3077. Hog Domed Round 10 6.0 16.3
Series 310. Golden Synthetic Angular Liner 'Side Loader' 3/8" 9.6 12.6

All measurements shown in mm.


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