Ivory. Impasto

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          The Ivory Range are 100% Synthetic and Vegan Friendly.

          They are great for Oils, Gouache, Acrylics and Watermixable Oils.

          This range of Rosemary & Co Impasto brushes will allow for the technique of laying on paint or pigment thickly so it will stand out from the surface. The Ivory synthetics are easy to clean, durable, hard wearing and will allow for thick paint application.
          They are made on the beaver tail handle, which is easy to hold and control.
          "My work is a play between realism and abstraction, and focuses on the human face. I usually work with big canvases, thick oil and bold brush-strokes. Throughout the years of painting I have tried a lot of different brushes and most of them have been disappointing to me in some way. Nylon is too soft, hog bristles never keep their shape and so on. So when I found Rosemary’s synthetic Ivory brushes everything fell into place. They are stiff enough to move a lot of paint and always keeps it shape. After using the Ivory brushes for years I felt that there is something missing. I like to work with palette knifes from time to time but I like the precision of a brush more.
          So what if there is a brush that combines the characteristics of a brush and a palette knife?
          This has been done before by other brands but they are not like the Ivory. I’ve been working with Rosemary and Symi for a year trying to make the perfect brush for impasto work. And finally it’s here, “The Ivory Impasto Mottler”. To get the feeling of a palette knife the thickness of the brushes is thinner than the average mottler in these sizes and the length has been perfected to compliment the thickness. This makes the brush perfect to scoop up a lot of paint and use it like a palette knife but still get the precision of a brush." - Tony Roos’ 2016
          IVORY. IMPASTO
          1" 25.4 22
          1 1/2" 38.1 22
          2" 50 22
          3" 76.2 22
          All measurements shown in mm.

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