R13 Pocket Sable Blend Designer Pointed Size 8

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SP: 88
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The R13 is made from the Red Sable Blend range. A mixture of sable and synthetic blended together offers the best of both worlds. Sable holds the liquid and the synthetic offers the spring and durability, whilst maintaining a favourable price.

This travel brush is a size 8 from the Series 402. Red Sable Blend Designer Pointed Round. The Series 402 are tapered to a much longer and finer point allowing the artist to ‘draw’ with a brush. They are ideal for general watercolour work as well as botanical. The Red Sable Blends are hard wearing for oils and acrylics too. A favourite for all mediums as a general purpose good all-rounder brush. 

The reversible Pocket Brush is a convenient addition to your brush collection for those who like to paint on the move. The reversible handle allows for a convenient storage and prevents damage to the brush. A dream for urban sketchers, and a Plein Air must-have.

For a synthetic alternative, please see our Golden Synthetic range: R10 Pocket Golden Synthetic Pointed - Size 8.

If you are looking for a wallet to store your Pocket Brushes please click here.

For advise on cleaning your brushes, please click this link.

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