We can no longer ship SHARON SPRUNG EXTENDED SET to the USA. The USA is the only country in the world who has a ban on importing this hair and until the next world wide meeting in Geneva, the ban remains in situ. We do have alternatives for you, check out Red Sable, The Red Dot Collection or contact us.

Sharon Sprung Extended Set

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SP: 568
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"Rosemary & Company and I have worked together to assemble a representative collection of high quality brushes for my students doing portrait and figure painting. There are two series offered: a very good basic set, and a slightly larger one including a selection of pure Kolinsky Sable Filberts. Both groups comprise a selection of Ivory Filberts in various sizes for the beginning and middle stages of developing a painting, and Master Choice filberts of various sizes for more detail and finish, and a goat mop for softening edges and decreasing glare. These are the brushes I use. The filbert shape facilitates drawing and control of edges." - Sharon Sprung, 2014.

Sharon Sprung is a New York figure and portrait painter known internationally and included in many private and public collections. She teaches at The Art Students League of New York, shows at Gallery Henoch in Chelsea, NY and works with Portraits Inc. Her work can be seen in numerous solo and group shows around the world and she was recently honored by the National Academy Museum of New York with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

This set contains 14 brushes (all on Long Handles):

Series 108. Goat Mop Medium
Series 276. Masters Choice Filbert 2, 3, 4
Ivory Filbert  0, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
Series 66. Pure Kolinsky Filbert  0, 2, 4, 6
Bamboo Brush Roll  

Series 108. Goat Mop Medium 10.9 33.0
Series 276. Masters Choice Filbert  2 4.0 10.6
Series 276. Masters Choice Filbert  3 5.4 11.8
Series 276. Masters Choice Filbert  4 6.4 15.0
Ivory Filbert  0 4.0 10.0
Ivory Filbert  2 6.0 14.0
Ivory Filbert  4 9.0 19.0
Ivory Filbert  6 11.0 24.5
Ivory Filbert  8 14.0 29.0
Ivory Filbert  10 19.0 34.0
Series 66. Pure Kolinski Filbert 0 1.9 6.6
Series 66. Pure Kolinski Filbert 2 3.4 8.6
Series 66. Pure Kolinski Filbert 4 4.5 10.7
Series 66. Pure Kolinski Filbert 6 5.7 12.7

All measurements shown in mm.


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