R24 Pocket Eradicator -size Small ( Erad-sml )

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SP: 76
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The reversible Pocket Brush is a convenient addition to your brush collection for those who like to paint on the move. The reversible handle allows for a convenient storage and prevents damage to the brush. A dream for urban sketchers, and a Plein Air must-have. 

The Eradicators are 100% Synthetic and Vegan Friendly. 

If you are looking for a wallet to store your Pocket Brushes please click here

Instructions for use:

1. Use the brush when barely damp, not wet.

2. Hold in a nearly vertical orientation and drag gently but firmly back and forth along its long edge.

3. Upon first noting the removal of paint, immediately dab the brush several times on a paper towel and recommence "erasing".

4. Rinse after 2-3 erasures, dab to remove excess wetness and continue.

Caution: too damp a brush and/or too vigourous "erasing" may damage painting or your paper.

If you want to see the Eradicator brush on the normal black artists handle, please click here.
Small 4.8 6.4
All measurements shown in mm.

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