Zest-It Solvent

Zest-It Solvent
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The New Zest-it Solvent is a much safer solvent for oil painter than Gum Turpentine and makes an excellent replacement. Ideal for those oil painters who wish a little more 'bite' to their solvent, prefer a non-citrus smell and a slightly stronger action than the original Zest-it Oil Paint Dilutant and Brush Cleaner.

Use with Linseed Oil, other Oils and wax as a medium, with Gum Damar and Mastic as a diluent for making varnish and as a solvent for thinning paint, cleaning brushes and equipment.
Also works with oil based inks, transfers and wax products. Removes oil paint, oil colour, oil bars, oil pastels and other oil based products from your brushes, palette, painting knives and rollers.
A bio-degradable solvent that has considerable active strength, it is re-usable, therefore very little is wasted, making it more economical.


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