Series 1. Pure Kolinsky Sable Mops

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I have been making this style of brush for many years, the name 'Mop' usually implies large dense brush for applying a wash but I believe my Kolinsky Sable Mops are much more than this! I decided to limit this range to three of the most popular sizes; 2, 4 & 6.

I have created a unique style of brush for watercolour. 

Unlike the more popular ferrule construction these are hand made and tied into a man made quill style 'sleeve' then wired on the outside to secure the bundle and head to the handle. The end result fashions a real gem of a watercolour brush.  

Holding masses of liquid, tapered to a sharp crisp point, all the characteristics of Kolinsky Sable Hair.  For the artist who enjoys expressive painting, maximum water retention and yet a drawing tool for precision.

Please note: The Series 1 Mops are usually made to order and usually take 2-3 weeks before shipping. Apologies for any inconvenience.


2 9.9 38.6
4 12.2 43.6
6 14.5 50.2
All measurements shown in mm.

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