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Set 100. Acrylics

SP = Smart Points
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US$ 60.67
SP: 240
SP: 240
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Our Set 100 is perfect for acrylic, gouache & oil painters.

Consisting of 8 of our most popular brush shapes and sizes from the Shiraz range, this synthetic set will be ideal for people starting out and professionals alike. They are 100% Vegan Friendly.

The Shiraz Pointed Rounds are perfect for blocking in, filling large masses and for the finer details. They hold their shape well and keep a sharp point. Also, a great signature brush! The Shiraz Riggers are one of our most popular brushes across all our ranges. The Shiraz riggers are adored by those who have tried to find a rigger but found it too soft, floppy or not holding it’s needle point. Look no further! The Flats in this set will hold a nice sharp edge allowing you to block in landscapes and draw buildings. It’s nice to try the short flats and long flats alongside each other. This set makes the perfect gift and is a great way of introducing you to this fantastic range. 

We recommend the Small Brush Case With Stand as an optional extra fits these brushes perfectly. To see all of our brush cases, click here.

For advice on cleaning your brushes, please click this link.

This set contains 8 brushes (on Short Handles):

Shiraz Pointed Round 4, 8, 12
Shiraz Filbert 6
Shiraz Long Flat 7
Shiraz Short Flat 4, 8
Shiraz Rigger 4

Shiraz Pointed Round 4 5.4 21.4
Shiraz Pointed Round 8 9.1 32.4
Shiraz Pointed Round 12 12.3 40.3
Shiraz Filbert 6 13.5 26.3
Shiraz Long Flat 7 11.2 24.4
Shiraz Short Flat 4 9.4 13
Shiraz Short Flat 8 15 21.6
Shiraz Rigger 4 2.4 26.2

All measurements shown in mm.


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