Set Of 4 - Chinese Painting Brushes

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US$ 33.78
SP: 132
SP: 132
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This selection of 4 brushes are excellent for Chinese painting and Calligraphy. 

Manufactured in the typical Japanese way, the brushes are made with hairs primiarily from wolf/goat in the centre, with a dyed pony hair on the outer layer which resembles sable hair.

This set of 4 Chinese painting brushes make a beautiful gift. The box itself is delightful right the way through to the bamboo finish on the brush handles.

We also sell brushes similiar to these in our Series 36 and Series 30 ranges.

A favourite for Chinese Painting, Japanese Painting, Watercolour, Ink and Calligraphy. 


Light Brown Handle 8 44
Dark Brown Handle 10 51
Red Handle 14 58
Black Handle 13 63

All measurements shown in mm.

At this time, we can only ship this item to the UK, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UAE, NEW ZEALAND, SINGAPORE, BRAZIL, INDIA, SOUTH KOREA, THAILAND & ALL EU COUNTRIES. We are working on opening up more countries as soon as possible. Please contact us for more information. Updated 19th January 2024.


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