Bill Suys Introductory Set

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SP: 580
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"Being an artist, I’m always sensitive to costs. Here is an introductory selection that still allows you to explore a full-range of brush shape, spring and paint application. These brushes will give you everything you need to create outstanding work, whether using alla-prima or protracted approaches to your painting. As we lay paint to surface, we’ll all develop our go-to buddies while being able to grab an alternative brush to fulfill a particular need. Over time, you’ll build the sensitivity and awareness that will help you add brushes that meet your particular needs.
I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with a range of brushes; some that never had adequate body or couldn’t hold a useful shape, some where the balance never felt right or the ferrules came loose, and many where the bristles splayed or just fell out. These brushes really improve your ability to create satisfactory work without a real struggle and cost you in many ways. I have also used excellent brushes from some quality manufacturers, and I truly appreciate their craftsmanship. But there’s something different about Rosemary Brushes. You feel it the minute you pick one up; the fit and finish of the handle, the clean crimp of the ferrule, and the beautifully grouped and shaped bristles. They make me want to paint better while they help me paint better. It’s easy to see why they garner such wide acclaim, and you’ll quickly understand why they’ll become your treasured favorites." - Bill Suys
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This set contains 14 brushes (all on Long Handles):

Ultimate Bristle long Flat 1 5.4 21.4
Ultimate Bristle long Flat 4 5 5.2
Ultimate Bristle long Flat 8 1.5 7.8
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flat 4 2.5 1.6
Series 279. Masters Choice Long Flat 12 8.7 0.1
Ivory Filberts 1 8.7 0.1
Ivory Filberts 3 8.7 0.1
Ivory Filberts 6 8.7 0.1
Ivory Filberts 12 8.7 0.1
Series 278. Masters Choice Long Filbert 2 8.7 0.1
Series 278. Masters Choice Long Filbert 5 8.7 0.1
Ivory Long Filbert 6 21.6 6.8
Shiraz Rigger 4 78 92
Ebony Pointed Round 2 78 92

All measurements shown in mm.


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