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David Curtis Watercolour Set

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David Curtis is a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters. He is one of the UK’s most successful and best known artists. David won first prize in the Singer and Friedlander/Sunday Times Watercolour Competition in 1992, and has won many other awards for his spectacular art. Consequently, his paintings have a strong visual presence and enable the spectator to embark on an exciting visual journey. Essentially a “plein air” and figurative painter, working in both oil and watercolours, he is the author of numerous books and has work in collections all over the world.

"I've found that especially with watercolour, if the quality falls short of expectations, you're on a losing wicket to start with. A quality Kolinsky sable brush from Rosemary & Co, with a springy feel and an excellent point will enhance confidence as you progress with the various washes. For most watercolourists out in the field, these brushes will surely satisfy your needs. These are the ones I have used on so many occasions and have stood up to the rigours of my 'full on' style of working. I've had these brushes from Rosemary & Co for quite some time and they are still perfectly usable. Dip them in water and give them a 'flick' and even now they retain that perfect point. They also have a marvellous reservoir capability and as long as you look after them, they should last you a very long time." David Curtis, 2024

We asked David one brush you cannot live without?

David's answer: The Series 33 size 12, The absolute must for all eventualities. This brush will deliver a superb reservoir of colour to assure a full run over the sheet. This will then instill a confidence of application and set the scene as the painting moves forward. 

Visit David's website: www.djcurtis.co.uk

Follow David on Instagram: @davidcurtisartist

This set contains 4 brushes (all on Short Handles):

Series Sizes
Series 33. Pure Kolinsky Pointed 3, 7, 8
Series 8. Pure Kolinsky Sable Pointed Round  4

Series 33. Pure Kolinsky Pointed 3 2.3 15.1
Series 33. Pure Kolinsky Pointed 7 4.4 21.5
Series 33. Pure Kolinsky Pointed 8 5.2 24.2
Series 8. Pure Kolinsky Sable Pointed Round 4 3 17

All measurements shown in mm.


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