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"I am a huge fan of Rosemary Brushes for two reasons. First is the marvelous variety, craftsmanship, and love of excellence they infuse into each and every one of their products. I am not aware of another brush company that makes so many different styles specifically tailored to the needs of the professional oil painter.
Second, and even more importantly, is the undeniable fact that there is something spiritual about painting for me. In capturing a subject, I attempt to convey a sliver of the ineffable soul of the person I’m painting. That means more to me than any technical likeness. I can’t say exactly how that happens, but the materials I use are a part of that process, and using brushes created by people who not only know their craft, but who love and appreciate art in the same way I do, imbues their products with a quality beyond the mere physical components. Call it an idea, or love, or whatever abstract term you’d like, but I feel I paint better with Rosemary brushes for whatever reason.
Though I use all the styles of Rosemary Brushes, there are three styles of Sables in particular that I absolutely love!!! These sables are my go-to brush for finishing portraits and delicate flowers, and they are unlike anything I’ve found on the market.
The professionals at this family-owned company are continually striving to innovate and improve their products through testing, experimentation, and continual input from the many well-known artists that rely on their brushes to produce their paintings. In fact, it was from artists I admire that I first learned of Rosemary brushes in the first place.
I generally buy the short handle versions to travel with because of their portability, while the longer handled brushes are wonderful for studio work on larger paintings.
The reason I use Rosemary Brushes is simple—high quality—but I can’t deny the added appeal of working with a family business that loves what they do and takes the time to work with artists directly. Any concern I have is instantly addressed personally, which isn’t something you usually get from a second-hand distributor who has no idea what goes into producing a quality brush. For years I dealt with brushes that would fray or simply fall apart after a few times of use and it was quite frustrating. It’s rare for a small business to be so passionate about helping their customers, and the moment I found Rosemary Brushes, I knew I’d found something special." - Susan Lyon 2017
Susan Lyon grew up in Oak Park, Illinois. Her initial interest in art was sparked by a television show on Georgia O’Keefe.  Lyon studied painting at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and the respected Palette and Chisel Club. It is there she first began exhibiting and selling her work.
Susan draws much inspiration from painters such as Richard Schmid, Nancy Guzik, Anders Zorn, John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, and Cecelia Beaux. Lyon’s technique is to paint wet on wet with a balance of scratchy brush work against thick, opaque strokes for the lights. “My style is an attempt to balance realistic and abstract passages with as much impressionistic color as possible. I like to combine wide, sweeping strokes in the background with small, subtle details in my center of interest.”
Susan Lyon lives in a rural area of North Carolina with her husband, artist Scott Burdick, whom she met at the Palette and Chisel Club. She moved from Chicago to North Carolina to escape the hectic pace of city life as well as to experience an entirely different part of the country. Surrounded by nature, Susan’s studio allows her the space and privacy to grow as an artist. It also serves as a perfect home-base for her painting trips and travels all around the world. “The excitement of traveling, seeing so many new sights, and incredible works in museums, combined with the challenge of painting on the spot, makes me a travel addict! Even before I go on a trip I’m planning the one after.”
Susan published the first book on her work in the spring of 2008, titled " Vision and Voyages"
Susan has an Instructional Drawing DVD published through F&W publishing.
She also has many Online instructional videos that she and her husband have filmed and produced. They are available on her website.
Visit Susan's website:

This set contains 11 brushes all on short handles

Eclipse Extra Long Combers 3/8", 5/8", 1"
Series 77 Pure Sable Brights 6, 10
Series 99. Pointed Pure Sable 2, 6
Series 2055. Chungking Bristle Fan 2, 6
Eclipse Short Flat 8
Series 7320 Pure Sable One Stroke 3/16"

Eclipse Extra Long Combers 3/8" 10.2 25.4
Eclipse Extra Long Combers 5/8" 16.6 29.6
Eclipse Extra Long Combers 1" 26.5 33
Series 77 Pure Sable Brights 6 9.5 11.0
Series 77 Pure Sable Brights 10 12.6 13.8
Series 99. Pointed Pure Sable 2 1.95 11.1
Series 99. Pointed Pure Sable 6 3.7 18.9
Series 2055. Chungking Bristle Fan 2 29.0 20.8
Series 2055. Chungking Bristle Fan 6 46.5 32.2
Eclipse Short Flat 8 15.2 17.5
Series 7320 Pure Sable One Stroke 3/16" 4.8 20.5

All measurements shown in mm.


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