Aine Divine Brush Set

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The Series 222 are made from our Golden Synthetic range. They are 100% Vegan Friendly and perfect for all mediums including watercolours, oils & acrylics. They work well in gouache too!

Aine is a portrait artist and art teacher, originally from west Cork, now living near Edinburgh. She was a finalist in the Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year 2014 and has won awards from the RWS and the RSW for her watercolour portraits.

"When my good friend and fellow artist Colin passed away, his wife gave me his brush collection. The 1" and 2" flat brushes were my favourite, I never knew where the brushes came from as the name on the handle had faded (the only sign of aging). Last year I was delighted to find them advertised in an art magazine, now I recommend the Rosemary and Co set of series 222 brushes to all my students. Rosemary and Co are respected by artists the world over, I am delighted they are representing my brush set." - Aine Divine.

Visit Aine's website:

Follow Aine on Instagram: @ainedivine

This set contains 3 brushes (all on Beaver Tail handles):

Series 222. Flat One Stroke Synthetic

Please note beaver tail handle length:

              1" - approx 5 3/4"

        1 1/2" - approx 6 1/2"

              2" - approx 6 1/2"

              3" - approx 6 3/4"

1 1", 1½", 2"

Series 222. Flat One Stroke Synthetic 1" 25.5 36.1
Series 222. Flat One Stroke Synthetic 1 1/2" 38.6 42.7
Series 222. Flat One Stroke Synthetic 2" 51.5 46.6

All measurements shown in mm.


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