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Alex Venezia Brush Set

SP = Smart Points
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SP: 384
SP: 384
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“I’ve been exclusively using Rosemary & Co. brushes for years now, and I’ve tried many of their brushes before settling into this great set. These are the main brushes I’ve found myself always grabbing when working on my figurative and still-life work. In my search for capturing the organic essence of each subject in my paintings, I rely on a diverse array of brushes to bring that vision to life. Each brush selection is a deliberate response to the unique demands of the subject at hand and the particular stage of the artistic process.

During the initial phases, when the priority is to lay down paint with precision and richness, I turn to my Eclipse range of brushes. For their softness, it allows me to lay down paint without lifting any and creates beautiful edge work. For this same reason, it’s also my go-to for Alla Prima painting brush and the best mongoose replacement I’ve used. Then, the Snowdrop fans have emerged as invaluable tools adept at traversing across the form and give the work a palpable three-dimensional quality, akin to sculpting. As the painting progresses, I transition to the Ivory pointed rounds for delicate scumbling and glazing. This brush being slightly more stiff allows little pieces of the underpainting to show through which can give a nice effect. A great brush for scrubbing when they’ve been worn down a bit. Finally, the synthetic rounds come into play, offering precision for refining intricate details and honing small shapes and edges” Alex Venezia, 2024.

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If you would like watch our Artists' Spotlight with Alex on our Rosemary & Co Youtube Channel, please click here.

Follow Alex on Instagram: @alexjvenezia

This set contains 15 brushes all on long handles (except Michael Klein Rounds):

Series Sizes
Snowdrop Feathered Fans 2, 4
Eclipse Long Filbert 1, 2, 3, 4
Eclipse Extra Long Combers 1/8", 1/4"

Eclipse Long Flat

1, 2
Michael Klein Synthetic Pointed Rounds 0, 2, 4
Ivory Pointed Rounds  0, 2

Michael Klein Synthetic Rounds 0 1.6 9.6
Michael Klein Synthetic Rounds 2 2.1 11
Michael Klein Synthetic Rounds 4 2.9 15
Eclipse Extra Long Combers 1/8" 3.9 18.9
Eclipse Extra Long Combers 1/4" 7.6 22.1
Eclipse Long Flat  1 3.7 17.0
Eclipse Long Flat  2 4.5 17.8
Eclipse Long Filbert 1 3.2 16
Eclipse Long Filbert 2 3.9 17.5
Eclipse Long Filbert 3 5.1 18.2
Eclipse Long Filbert 4 7.4 20.1
Ivory Pointed Round 0 2.5 11
Ivory Pointed Round 2 3.6 16.7
Snowdrop Feathered Fan 2 32 19
Snowdrop Feathered Fan 4 45 25

All measurements shown in mm.


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