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SP: 384
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A collection of brushes chosen by Oil Painters of America (Signature Member) & Plein Air Painters of Southeast artist, Bill Davidson. The set is available as just brushes or can be purchased presented in a beautiful Rosemary & Co Leather and fabric Wrap. Please add the wrap to your cart if you want this option!

“I use Rosemary Brushes because of the stiffness and quality. Flats because they can cut an edge and give nice boxy strokes. I use the sizes in my kit for all plein
air studies.

The strength of the bristle ones allow me to load my brushes for highly textured strokes. There are a couple of softer brushes to soften strokes to prevent glare, specially in the shadows. There are a couple of smaller rounds for details. The combination of all allow me to do everything needed in a smaller painting.”

Bill is one of our longest American customers. He’s supported Rosemary Brushes from the minute he got one in his hand and we truly couldn’t thank him enough for his support over the years. This set is one of our best sellers for Oil and Acrylic painters - and a landscape artist’s dream. When we sponsor events we often send this set as a must-have!

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Consists of 10 brushes (all on Long Handles unless specified differently):

Ivory Short Flat 1 2, 4, 6, 10, 12
Ivory Short Flat 2 8
Series 272. Masters Choice Pointed Round (for signing) 1 0
Series 274. Masters Choice Short Flat 1 10
Ivory Pointed Round (Short Handle) 1 2/0

Ivory Short Flat 2 6 10.3
Ivory Short Flat 4 9.7 13.5
Ivory Short Flat 6 11.9 17
Ivory Short Flat 10 19.4 25.5
Ivory Short Flat 12 24 31
Ivory Short Flat 8 15 22
Series 272. Masters Choice Pointed Round (for signing) 0 1.3 7.7
Series 274. Masters Choice Short Flat 10 19 22.9
Ivory Pointed Round (Short Handle) 2/0 1.5 9.3

All measurements shown in mm.


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