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SP: 452
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The Set 80 consists of 5 beautiful Pure Red Sable brushes for the artist who wants to progress from nylon.

This set contains a variety of sizes and shapes for you to explore and cover various subjects; landscapes, portraits, botanical, seascapes and so forth.

The Series 99's are very popular, espeically for those wanting to try a sable brush; an upgrade from the Red Sable Blend. 

The Series 88 rigger will allow you to create long, thin lines for tree branches, hair, ship masts etc. They are great when loaded with paint. Our biggest tip with the rigger brush is to pull the stroke away from you, not towards. You will get a much more even stroke and a lovely flow.

The Series 7320 is a treat! You'll be able to create large masses of colour (or cover your paper in water for skies and such), however, used on it's side you will create a beautifully tight fine stroke. They are a must for any watercolourist.

The Set 80 is a lovely set as a gift to any watercolourist but of course, would make an excellent gift for yourself too.

This set contains 5 brushes (all on Short Handles):

Series 99. Pure Sable Pointed Round 4, 8, 12
Series 88. Pure Sable Rigger 2
Series 7320. Pure Sable One Stroke 3/4"

Series 99. Pure Sable Pointed Round 4 2.8 14.4
Series 99. Pure Sable Pointed Round 8 4.4 22.0
Series 99. Pure Sable Pointed Round 12 7.1 31
Series 88. Pure Sable Rigger 2 2.1 22.2
Series 7320. Pure Sable One Stroke 3/4" 18.3 29.0

All measurements shown in mm.

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