We can no longer ship SET 70. BOTANICAL SET FOR WATERCOLOURS to the USA. The USA is the only country in the world who has a ban on importing this hair and until the next world wide meeting in Geneva, the ban remains in situ. We do have alternatives for you, check out Red Sable, The Red Dot Collection or contact us.

Set 70. Botanical Set For Watercolours

SP = Smart Points
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US$ 65.16
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SP: 260
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This beautiful set has been selected following research with some of our top Botanical Painters around the world.

Set 70 includes everything you will need to create the most intricate detail. Spotters are used for precision work and where control is paramount. The Designer brush will draw long lines for you eg. Stamens. The filberts (sometimes called cat’s tongues) are ideal for flooding in colour particularly into petal shapes. This set really is Kolinsky Sable at it’s best - selected for you to make botanical painting easy. Also ideal in gouache, inks, water-based oils and egg tempra. 

Unfortunately, for our customers over in the USA we cannot ship this brush set there at the moment. We would recommend you heading over to the Series 93 Pure Sable Spotters or the Red Sable Blend Designers or the Red Dot Short Filberts.

This set contains 7 brushes (all on Short Handle):

Series 323. Pure Kolinsky Spotters 3/0, 0 , 2 , 4
Series 22. Pure Kolinsky Designer 3
Series 66. Pure Kolinsky Filbert 2 , 4

Series 323. pure Kolinsky Spotters 3/0 1 6.1
Series 323. pure Kolinsky Spotters 0 1.7 6.4
Series 323. pure Kolinsky Spotters 2 2.6 8.5
Series 323. pure Kolinsky Spotters 4 3.7 11.9
Series 22. Pure Kolinsky Desinger 3 2.3 16.2
Series 66. Pure Kolinsky Filbert 2 3.4 8.6
Series 66. Pure Kolinsky Filbert 4 4.5 10.7

All measurements shown in mm.


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